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The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act Can Cost Companies Plenty

The unique qualities and information that make us who we are – our fingerprints, voices, DNA, and other genetic markers – remain unalterable. The permanent and unchanging nature of such "biometric identifiers" is precisely why companies increasingly collect and use them for a wide range of purposes. As more companies acquire more biometric data, the security and protection of such information should be of utmost importance to companies. . . . [READ MORE]

Chicago Restaurants and Retailers: Applications Start On March 1 For City-Approved Sidewalk Signs

As Spring approaches, Chicago restaurants and retailers have a new opportunity to attract the increased foot traffic that comes with warmer weather. Starting on March 1, as part of Mayor Lori Lightfoot Chi Biz Strong Initiative package of pandemic relief, businesses can apply for permits to place sidewalk signs in front of their establishments to advertise their goods and services. . . . [READ MORE]

No More Mandatory Arbitration of Sexual Misconduct Claims Per New Federal Law

Whether in employment contracts, terms of service provisions, leases, or other agreements, American companies can no longer keep claims of sexual assault, harassment, and misconduct out of the courthouse and public eye through the use of mandatory arbitration provisions. . . . [READ MORE]

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