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Chicago's Liquor Licensing Process Can Drown You If You Don't Plan Ahead

A Chicago liquor license is a valuable and coveted asset for prospective tavern owners, restaurateurs, and others whose businesses will benefit from the ability to sell alcohol . . . [READ MORE]

Steadiness and Security v. Disruption and Disputes: Why a Business Succession Plan Can Make All The Difference

Most small or family-held business owners know they should have a comprehensive estate plan, and many of them do . . . [READ MORE]

Getting Divorced? You May Not Want Your Spouse In Your Life, But They Will Stay In Your Estate Plan Unless You Act

Divorce isn't a moment; it is a process. While you may consider your marriage over well before you or your spouse file a complaint for dissolution of marriage, the law won't consider it over until a judge enters a final divorce decree . . . [READ MORE]

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