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Steadiness and Security v. Disruption and Disputes: Why a Business Succession Plan Can Make All The Difference

Most small or family-held business owners know they should have a comprehensive estate plan, and many of them do . . . [READ MORE]

Getting Divorced? You May Not Want Your Spouse In Your Life, But They Will Stay In Your Estate Plan Unless You Act

Divorce isn't a moment; it is a process. While you may consider your marriage over well before you or your spouse file a complaint for dissolution of marriage, the law won't consider it over until a judge enters a final divorce decree . . . [READ MORE]

Keep Your Retirement Savings and Your Beneficiaries Safe After Sweeping SECURE Act Changes

You spend years preparing for retirement, establishing comprehensive estate plans and structuring assets to minimize tax liabilities and maximize the amounts available for yourself and your beneficiaries . . . [READ MORE]

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