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Boilerplate No More: Force Majeure Litigation Expected to Take Off In Wake of COVID-19

When business owners, lessees, purchasers, buyers, or other contracting parties review the terms of a proposed agreement, it isn't unusual for them to wonder why a seemingly simple transaction requires such a lengthy document . . . [READ MORE]

Delaware Statutory Trusts: What Prospective Lenders Need to Know

If lenders that finance the acquisition of commercial real estate or large multi-unit residential buildings were to write a wish list of characteristics they were looking when underwriting such loans, that list would likely contain some or all of the following . . . [READ MORE]

How to Start a Business: From Pipe Dream to Reality

No matter what industry they're in, no matter what innovation they develop, product they sell, or service they provide, all businesses start with the same thing: a dream . . . [READ MORE]

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