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LLF's Alexander Passo Secures Favorable Settlement Against Two Life Insurers That Denied a Mother's Claims After Her Son Was Murdered In Cold Blood

No matter the cause, a child's death is a parent's worst nightmare. Losing a child to the scourge of gun violence can make the pain and heartbreak even more unbearable. For one Chicago mother and LLF client, the grief and loss she endured after the senseless murder of her son - a college student and a hall-of-fame high school athlete - was compounded by the callousness of two life insurance companies. Not only did the insurers wrongfully deny her claims as beneficiary under two policies covering her son, but the reasons they gave for doing so were both unsupported by evidence and premised on hurtful and untruthful allegations about her son's conduct. . . . [READ MORE]

LLF Settles Taxi Medallion Lawsuit For Confidential Settlement Amount

Most lawsuit settlements bridge the gap between a plaintiff's claimed losses and a lesser amount the defendant is willing to pay to make the case go away. Recently, however, LLF's Alexander Passo and Joanna Kopczyk obtained a settlement on the eve of trial in a taxicab medallion dispute that validated four years of litigation. . . . [READ MORE]

LLF's Bob Minetz, Saskia Brian, and Monica Palermo Obtain Reversal Of Adverse Administrative Decisions For Cannabis Clients

The cannabis industry in Illinois is booming. But those who wish to be part of the state's "green rush" in any capacity – whether as a dispensary, cultivator, distributor, infuser, or other type of business - must first get the approval of either the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) or the state Department of Agriculture. The denial of a license application by one of these entities is often the end of the road for the applicant, as agency decisions are notoriously difficult to challenge and overturn. But in two separate cases, LLF lawyers Bob Minetz, Saskia Bryan, and Monica Palermo recently accomplished precisely that, reviving their clients' hopes after being improperly denied the licenses and approvals that the agencies should have granted. . . . [READ MORE]

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