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Your Company is Likely Among The 90 Percent of American Businesses That Will Soon Need To Comply With the Corporate Transparency Act

If you are a small business owner, the odds are pretty good that you will soon need to tell the federal government who established, owns, controls, or influences your company. That is because an estimated 36 million American businesses of all sizes are considered "Reporting Companies" that must comply with new and extensive disclosure and reporting requirements under the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). With an effective date of January 1, 2024, businesses must act now to determine whether they are subject to the CTA and what they need to do to comply. . . . [READ MORE]

Passo and Minetz Obtain Appellate Victory, Restoring Client's Rights to Ownership and Management of Caribbean Hotel

The sharks were circling around an LLF client until Alex Passo and Bob Minetz came and beat them back. The two attorneys recently obtained an appellate victory that restored the client's ownership and management rights in a boutique hotel in the Turks & Caicos islands, reversing an adverse trial court decision. . . . [READ MORE]

LLF and Alex Passo Secure Huge Win For Ukrainian Client Against Company Using The War As Cover For Breach of Contract

The war in Ukraine is an unspeakable tragedy on many levels. In addition to the human costs, the invasion also threatened the country's booming and well-respected technology sector that attracted clients from all over the world. Despite the war's travails, the perseverance and resilience of Ukraine-based tech companies allowed them to continue serving their clients without disruption or diminished service. . . . [READ MORE]

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