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Challenging The Narrative – Part I: Securities Professionals and Claims Arising From False or Inaccurate Reasons For Termination

In most industries, the deterioration of an employer-employee relationship is not a matter of public record. Even in situations where an employee is terminated for malfeasance or egregious errors, the substance of those acts and the circumstances of their termination usually stay within the four walls of their now-former office. But FINRA-registered representatives, including registered brokers or financial advisors ("associated persons"), don't have the luxury of such discretion. . . . [READ MORE]

Pop-Up Restaurants and Ghost Kitchens in Chicago: Regulatory and Contractual Considerations That Can Keep You Cooking

Few industries have been as disrupted and devastated by the pandemic as the restaurant industry. Conversely, few have responded with as much creativity, innovation, and adaptability as the owners and chefs who have had to find new ways to generate revenue and stay afloat during an unprecedented and ongoing crisis. . . . [READ MORE]

Abandonment of Status: How Time Abroad – Even During the Pandemic – And Other Acts Can Put Green Card Holders At Risk

For many immigrants to the U.S., obtaining a coveted green card can feel like reaching the finish line after a long and challenging race. While full citizenship may remain a goal, becoming a lawful permanent resident means that a life can be built in this country with a sense of security, clarity, and continuity. . . . [READ MORE]

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