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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Commercial disputes are inevitable, and when they occur, companies in a diverse array of business sectors – banking, manufacturing, finance and insurance, pharmaceuticals, professional services, real estate, food and beverage, and retailing – rely on Latimer LeVay Fyock LLC to assess the risks and develop the strategies for litigation. We understand our clients’ business interests, the issues at stake and the best strategy for resolution. Our objective in any commercial dispute is to resolve it in the way that works best for our client, whether that involves settlement, arbitration, mediation or trial.

Many commercial disputes settle before cases go to court, but our lawyers’ experience in securing verdicts in both jury and bench trials gives us an advantage when advising clients on whether to avoid, commence, settle, try or mediate a dispute. A number of our litigators have practiced at large national firms before joining LLF, which means we serve major corporations and small businesses alike with a combination of sophisticated case management practices and personalized, responsive counsel.

At trial, in dispute resolution proceedings or during settlement negotiations, each LLF litigator is actively involved in every aspect of case management: risk assessment counseling, preliminary injunctions, discovery and trial proceedings. With an effective appellate practice which includes the Illinois Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, we are frequently able to preserve decisions in our clients’ favor or reverse decisions against our clients on appeal.

LLF’s structure and staffing philosophy allow us to craft efficient teams designed to bring the strongest talent possible to every challenge. A litigation team is assembled for each assignment based on the skills and style required for that engagement.  We have successfully litigated cases in state and federal courts throughout the country, and are familiar with the full range of remedies available under both state and federal law. Because experienced trial lawyers directly handle every case from start to finish, LLF clients get creative yet pragmatic strategies that other, less focused firms often overlook. We help clients analyze the risks and benefits of litigation. Our litigators understand the financial and practical costs of litigation, and develop cost-effective solutions to resolve the dispute as client needs require.

LLF lawyers have successfully litigated all type of commercial cases including:

LLF’s litigation team stands ready to be the strongest advocate inside and outside of the courtroom on behalf of both individuals and companies, and we are dedicated to achieving the best result based on the client’s needs and goals.