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LLF Attorney Colin O'Brien Expands Firm's Data Privacy and Information Security Capabilities

Colin T.J. O'Brien

The recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline is just the latest in a constant drumbeat of cyberattacks, data breaches, and information security failures that threaten businesses of all sizes in every industry. . . . [READ MORE]

LLF Welcomes Experienced Finance and Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Lauren E. Anderson

Latimer LeVay Fyock is proud to announce that Lauren E. Anderson, a seasoned finance and commercial real estate attorney, has joined the firm as a partner. . . . [READ MORE]

Latimer LeVay Fyock Message Regarding Coronavirus Situation

Like everyone LLF has been monitoring the developing situation regarding the COVID-19 virus. We want to let you know what LLF is doing to respond to this public health emergency . . . [READ MORE]

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