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LLF offers a wide variety of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization services dealing with both employment-based and family-based immigration. We take advantage of leading-edge technologies to provide a comprehensive approach in servicing our clients’ needs. Each process is unique and carries its own set of requirements. Employers, must navigate their way through these complex laws. LLF assists clients to navigate the complexity of the ever changing laws and strategize to find the right solutions for specific individual immigration needs.

Employment Based Immigration

There is a wide array of temporary immigration categories that permit foreign nationals to engage in legal employment in the United States. Employment-based immigration allows businesses in the United States to draw from a broader pool of talent to find employees who best fit their needs in an increasingly global economy. Employment-based immigration requires coordination among employers, the employees and government agencies. Failure to strictly adhere to the proper procedures can seriously delay or jeopardize the process, causing a company potentially to lose a key resource. LLF’s experienced attorneys have made our firm a leading voice in the business-immigration community. LLF has extensive experience in the following areas:

Employment-Based Nonimmigrant Visas

Employment Based Permanent Residence (Green Cards)

Entrepreneurs and Investors

Employer Compliance

Family Based Immigration and Naturalization